Abruzzo - A hidden gem

It is so rare these days to find a holiday destination that isn't already overrun with tourists and where you might feel that the prices are higher and the service suffers because you are a tourist. Abruzzo is different, despite having 133kms of stunning, unspoilt coastline, the Majella mountain range and acres of National Park, it is still unknown by many.

When we came to live here over 10 years ago, our neighbours asked why would we possibly want to come and live here and leave cold, grey, damp England! Obviously the climate is a big plus but for us, after the first trip, it was love at first sight. We quickly made plans to come back and within 6 months had bought a house here.  

Even after 10 years, our love for Abruzzo has not diminished, in fact, if anything we love it now, more than ever. The people are kind and curious. The landscape is beautiful, dramatic and still takes away our breath. We are constantly discovering new places to visit and don't even get me started on the abundance of places where you can eat huge plates of freshly prepared food served with delicious local wines, all for a very small budget.

Whatever your passions, food, culture, wine, nature, sea, mountains, history or wildlife, Abruzzo really does have it all and without the hordes of tourists to spoil it.